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Fable Review

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Fable Review Empty Fable Review

Post by wraith_calling on Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:33 am

I've had alot of guys asking how I liked Fable2. So.. I thought I would just post a PM I sent to Oats..

About Fable2. If you like RPG's it's been pretty good so far. Not too many glitches and the ones that are there are a bit annoying, but doesn't really kill the outcome of the game.

Graphics are pretty good lots of detail and smooth motions. Lots of little things that make the graphics outstanding. Water, rain, the way the clothes move when the wind blows. Combat is pretty simple to get used to.

Since you didn't play the first Fable one of the neat things I like about the game is the 'gestures' you can do. Stuff like Flipping someone the bird, or doing a sock puppet show.

There are lots of open ending quests that don't have any real bearing on the long term game ending but have an effect one the game. Early in the game have a choice of giving a buch of arrest warrents to the local law or to the local criminals. Give it to the Law and the town prospers, give it to the criminals and the town goes down the tube. Those kind of game details really have a visible outcome on the game. No they don't really have an effect when you do the Main Quests, but really do have an impact on the world. There's no time limit on completing the Major Game Quests so you can take your time and explore the world for a while before you complete those.

You can be good, bad in between, get married have kids, yup. Kind of interesting. Gay or Straight, man or women (yes there are gay townspeople you can interact with and yes.... take home to bed. They fade to black during the sex scenes and you can hear pillow talk type of converasations take place. There is an acheivement called 'Swinger' that you get when get multiple people to go home with you (all at one time).

I've been married twice, one wife Glitched (game still shows her there, but I can't find her. She's happy so I don't mind, lol. The other wife was killed. Some dumb-arsed NPC summond a Banshee by accident and it attacked a town where my wife lived and killed her along with a bunch of other NPCs. Rude man...really rude.

Overall I enjoy it! It does have some replay, but it seems it could get tedious. The upside is that you could play as pure good, pure evil or somewhere in between. I've not played pure evil or pure good yet.

The Online play is just....ok.. I played with a friend of mine for a bit and it's more like your worlds overlap. We chatted while he did his thing and I did mine. It was early on and he gave me a few thousand gold to play with. Interesting but lack luster not like the big online games like WoW.

I Like the game, and have so far played about 30 hours (yeah..losing sleep lol), and have completed about half the major quests. I've been doing lots of exploring, and side quests.

Hope this helps!


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Fable Review Empty Re: Fable Review

Post by DevilDog on Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:24 am

I might pick it up for Rachelle she likes that sort of thing.

Fable Review Devildogcopyfe9
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